The PaperCafe has a wide range of dies to make up custom envelopes, sleeves, petal folds, tags and boxes. They are great for invitations, favour boxes for weddings, corporate functions and Christmas gifts. The ideas are endless!

Choose from any of our hundreds of papers, and we’ll get it cut for you within 10 working days (just shout if it’s urgent and we’ll see what we can do)

Need a custom Die? Prices, availability and viability available on request only


Click here to download all the information you will need about our die-cut offering.



1. Choose your die

2. Select your paper.

3.Request a Quotation

4.Pay a 50% Deposit

5. Collect your order within 5 - 10 working days



R1 to Cut (excluding paper cost)

R3 to Cut and fold (excluding paper cost)

Remember to add the cost of the paper!